A Platform to run remote teaching using classical handwriting in modern technology. Platform simplifies e-assignment workflow. We aim to fully eliminate use of Paper, Printer and Scanner from teaching cycle.

Go green - save papers

We provide paperless platform to teacher-student pair. Use as much of our digital ink and digital paper with care of mother earth .
Class can color, draw and write limitless.

pairs with video class

Real-time streaming class and offline assignment make your class 100% equipped. Stretch your class beyond online streaming platform; WebEx, Zoom, Skype.

pen / pencil feeling

Digital class shouldn't limit your fingers to keyboard. Thus we bring everything you need as digital; ink, pen, pencil and paper. Handwriting is beautiful again.

cloud computing

Access from anywhere in the world using internet. You take care of learning, we take care of cyber security, technical issue without worry of storage and speed.

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Frequently asked questions

Let’s take real class scenario. A typical class need interaction between a teacher and students, and in this process they need tools like, blackboard, notebook and pen/pencil. Blackboard has been replaced by streaming service like zoom, WebEx and Skype. We would replace your real notebook and pen/pencil with digital notebook and pen/pencil. 

Scenario 1:

Let’s say, you want your elementary class to practice cursive writing or practice alphabet tracing. Teacher upload his/her favorite worksheet and student would practice and submit answer sheet for teacher’s review.

Scenario 2:

A drawing class teacher wants kids to draw and color pictures. Teacher let the student know his/her favorite fruits/animal/flower. Student draw and then color the object and save it. 

Scenario 3:

A class teach have algebra math worksheet with diagram. Teach wants student to illustrate the steps/method of arriving at the final answer. Student scribbles the steps and derives the final answer using digital pen and then notifies the teacher. Teacher evaluates the steps and if needed, also provides corrections.

No. We are providing platform and tool to teacher for efficiently teach students remotely. Teacher will create (or upload) their own teaching content and worksheet.

No. We provide tool that would replace paper notebook with digital notebook. We believe the more student uses their calculation power, the more sharper their mind becomes. We don’t want to replace human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

We are cloud based system and runs through any web browsers.

All touchscreen devices are supported. Your finger (or stylus) is used for writing.

If you have Computer/Laptop without touchscreen, you would be able to make use of keyboard/mouse.

Bigger screen gives better visibility and ease of use.

I was looking for a platform that can help me guide my kids and nephew remotely for their assignments. They wanted feedback on the solutions they  attempted, if their steps were correct and if not tips on correcting the mistake on specific steps.

That’s when I started working on this idea. An idea, which is going to help remotely located students anywhere in the world.

We envision this idea would revolutionize the way world is going to learn and teach. 

Teachers or school, who produced the content, owns the content. They can reuse, download, save, or delete the contents whenever they want.

Absolutely. We do understand, a teacher might be having multiple sections of student based on interest group. A teacher can choose to put a student into one group of multiple groups. A student of one group cannot see what other groups are doing.

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